“I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been having some strong pelvic pain and sleepless nights. I saw Liz and had THE BEST sleep in weeks! No pain waking me up, I hardly moved all night either! No tossing and turning! I feel more relaxed and am sure my blood pressure has reduced too!! Thank you Liz!” – Kate Anderson, Wellington

“A powerful and profound way to transition through old ways of feeling/thinking and into new ways of being. Liz you are beautiful and I am grateful for your work.” – Chantal Cropp, New Plymouth

“I started working with Liz in the aftermath of a significant health issue, and she has been the turning point for my recovery 🙂 Our first session was nothing short of amazing!” – Stephanie Lay, Wellington

(Taken from video – directly after a treatment) “I’ve just come to see Liz because I’m recovering from my 7th concussion. It just happened two weeks ago, when I was hit on the head. I came to see Liz last year a couple of times when I was recovering from my 6th one and it helped massively. I’ve come to see her straight away after this injury, and I feel very relaxed! Very at one with my body, which I haven’t felt for the last couple of weeks, so I’m really excited to see how the next few days feel and come back and see her soon. I definitely recommend coming and seeing Liz if you’ve got any injury that you’re trying to overcome, it’s a really good therapy, quite different to your traditional Western Medicine, but definitely worth a go, so give it a go! [Thumbs up].” – Ally Naylor, Wellington

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