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“I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been having some strong pelvic pain and sleepless nights. I saw Liz and had THE BEST sleep in weeks! No pain waking me up, I hardly moved all night either! No tossing and turning! I feel more relaxed and am sure my blood pressure has reduced too!! Thank you Liz!” – Kate

“Excellent experience! Thank you so much for talking me through the process as we went. I felt full of energy once we were done too!” – Scott

“Three days later and I still feel amazing!” Maggie

“I had no idea what to expect, and was very pleased and amazed with the results. I feel different – far more relaxed; nothing seems to be a problem, and I have an interesting attitude that I am now doing what I want rather than feeling obligated to do what others want me to do..  And I know that these changes are just the beginning.  So thanks very much – I look forward to seeing you again.” – Alan

“A very beneficial treatment for my daughter. Afterwards my daughter said her brain felt like it was ‘breathing’, she was very calm and the treatment has given her an awareness of being able to breathe into her puku. Thank you Liz we look forward to the healing follow ups.” – Meg

“Liz is exceptional at what she does. I’ve had plenty of Cranio before and I was very impressed with how nurturing she was. She listened to the issue, took time to really understand what was happening with me so she knew how to assist, so before we started I felt very safe and supported as her knowledge was clearly excellent, and her skills on the table were a match to her knowledge. Very impressed and thankful I was able to have this session while visiting NZ. I’d come back to the country just for more Cranio with Liz.” – Michelle

“I have felt so much better and haven’t had any headaches since my session. I have just returned from my trip to Christchurch and I was so grateful not to be suffering those constant headaches I had been getting. I want to say….thank you..thank you…thank you.” Kay

“The treatment was outstanding – thank you. I felt so much better afterwards and even better today, and can’t wait to receive from you again. Your years of experience and natural gift for BCST were quite apparent.”  – Elise

“Hi, was really lovely today Liz. Thanks. James was very sleepy and cuddly the rest of the day, and asleep by 6.30pm.” – Jodie

“A powerful and profound way to transition through old ways of feeling/thinking and into new ways of being. Liz you are beautiful and I am grateful for your work.” – Chantal

“I started working with Liz in the aftermath of a significant health issue, and she has been the turning point for my recovery 🙂 Our first session was nothing short of amazing!” – Stephanie

“I went into my treatment with a lot of tension in my upper back, neck and head. I had been going through an emotional time and I knew my body needed some help to process. By the end of my session I felt like a different person. My back had freed up and the tension in my neck and head gone. I could feel more of my body and the emotional strain I had been under gave way to insights and positive inspiration in moving forward. The week following my treatment my body continued to unwind and let go of all it had been holding. I felt lighter and slept better. I have felt specific areas of discomfort and pain (my left side and sacral area) shifting and opening up. I was surprised at the lasting and continuing results of just one treatment. Looking forward to my next session :)” – Jade

(Taken from video – directly after a treatment) “I’ve just come to see Liz because I’m recovering from my 7th concussion. It just happened two weeks ago, when I was hit on the head. I came to see Liz last year a couple of times when I was recovering from my 6th one and it helped massively. I’ve come to see her straight away after this injury, and I feel very relaxed! Very at one with my body, which I haven’t felt for the last couple of weeks, so I’m really excited to see how the next few days feel and come back and see her soon. I definitely recommend coming and seeing Liz if you’ve got any injury that you’re trying to overcome, it’s a really good therapy, quite different to your traditional Western Medicine, but definitely worth a go, so give it a go! [Thumbs up].” – Ally Naylor, Wellington


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